Welcome to Diver's Doodles!

Divers Doodles was started in 2020 after a visit home to my parents for them to see their newest grandchild Charlee. During this visit a conversation came up about a children's book series my mom had dreamed of writing during my childhood because it included the nickname Charlee that we had given our daughter. After a few more conversations, some information digging, and whole lot of support and excitement from my husband... Divers Doodles was created.

This business is a small part of a bigger picture for our future. One we plan to pass on to our daughter as she is the sole reason all of this started. Eventually we will have a children's book series and hopefully tons of other things along with it. For now I am learning and sharing art and business so I can illustrate and publish the book series myself.

Thank you for being a part of this journey!